What is our motivation?

A lot of people have been asking what made us decide to go on roadtrip around the unknown Balkan for a whole month, and how do we dare doing with a 36 years old Lada. The answer is simple: This is a great adventure, a life-long experience and last but not least a perfect tool and a perfect way to support an amazing case.

The LadaTour is foundraising project to help organising a free camp as part of Yuppi Camp  for chronically ill children in Romania. The Yuppi Camp Fundation is in partnership with the Bátor Tábor Fundation from Hungary. Dóra is one of the founders of Yuppi Camp, she is a hungarian girl from Transylvania and she herself was also a camper in her childhood in Bátor Camp as an oncology patient. Yuppi Camp organises free experiencetherapy camps for Romanian diabetic childrens, oncology patients, kids dealing with reuma and also for their families since 2011.

 Tomi has been a volunteer of Yuppi since 2015, so we were able to hear the story first-hand of how an introverted boy became an actor on the stage or how he pushed his own limits in an adventure park. After hearing these stories and thought our personal relations it was obvious that this is the community that we can relate to the most and we're pleased to collect donations for them. 

Our goal is to collect 170 Ft for each km we drive, a total of 680.000 Ft for the Camp

What do we do for this?

1. We fight against our and the car's limits and reach the most wild part of the Balkan

2. We write a blog, so there you can always see where we are and what we do. At the end of our trip we're going to edit our Youtube series, so that we can get a smile on your face this autumn

3. We hope that there are peoples out there that want to help the work of the everyday heroes just as much as we do.

What can you do?

Just click the button below and send a little money to the camp with some easy steps. The donated money will be personally handed to the Yuppi Camp team and there will be a blog post about it.

Thank you!

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