I’m Sziszi, and I have just finished my degree in energetic engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. However, I have been always attracted by drama and theatre since high school. The most significant experience of my life was when I wrote and directed a play, which was also performed at the Madách Theatre. Where am I now? I have formed my own acting company, and our first performance will be shown at the end of May. My other passion is hitchhiking, which came into my life when I was around twenty-years-old. My first hitchhiking experience led me to Italy: Lake Garda, then Verona, and finally Opatia. After that, for two years I hitchhiked abroad for a month every summer, traveling to places like Barcelona, Montpelier, and Switzerland.

Tomi came up with the idea of the „LadaTour” and I was very happy when he asked me if I would like to be one of his fellow passengers. We have wanted to take a Balkan trip like this for many years. If we get there, I’d like to jump from the Mostar Bridge and swim in the Plitvice Lakes. I do love hanging around and exploring new places.



My name is Bence, but you can call me Csordi. I attended secondary school in Szombathely, where I studied Maths and Physics. I travelled a lot during those years, mainly by train within Hungary... but sometimes the Hungarian train company made me feel as if I were in the Balkans. Since secondary school, I have been working for an event organizer company, first as a salesperson and now as a graphic designer. Besides studying at university, I play football and table soccer in my free time.

When Tomi floated the idea of the „LadaTour” I said yes without thinking. It wasn’t too difficult for me, because I’m crazy about these spontaneous thrills. I had met the others earlier, from a university football championship. I got into this team through a Transsylvanian University Cup. The truth is that I really really really would like to go already, but a few things need to be organised before we leave...



I’m Tomi, the creator of this whole trip. I studied French and Italian in secondary school, and these languages were of great benefit to me while hitchhiking. After I got my first degree, I travelled and volunteered for a year. During that time, I learnt a lot about myself,  about what I want to do in the following years. My first goal was joining the logistics engineering department at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I gathered an amazing group of people around me, I put together a football team, and two friends from this team have joined me on this summer adventure.

The whole trip was a casual idea that I shared with Bence and Sziszi. Both of them said yes immediately, so we started the preparations. One month adventure with two friends and a Lada car to countries where we haven’t been to. This means „LadaTour” to me.

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